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Bird uses Genies to make the Bird One Go Viral

With only a 24 hours notice before the launch of their Bird One scooter, Bird was able to tap into the Genies talent roster and activate unified content across dozens of top caliber personalities - ranging from influencers & NFL players, to Billboard charting artists and MLB stars.


turnaround time


total campaign reach

New Balance launches ROAV Fresh Foam Shoe Using Genies

With a full 360 campaign, New Balance was able to take advantage of every inch of the Genies ecosystem. The campaign was initiated by a large scale of Genie talent to announce the launch of the Roav shoe with a bang. Capatalizing on the momentum, New Balance released their custom wheel closet and action pack to hit multiple touch points.
The next generation of athletes are more connected to their fan base than ever before through the use of social media. Our partnership with Genies enables this same connectivity through self-expression, a core principle of our Fearlessly Independent mindset. Fans and new consumers can explore New Balance’s latest footwear & apparel all while staying connected to their vast social network.
Chris Davis
Vice President, Global Marketing & Sports Marketing at New Balance

Gucci builds its brand with the next-generation

As the Genies' exclusive luxury provider, Gucci has been able to communicate and resonate with Gen Z through branded wheels and actions. With users spending nearly a minute and a half engaging with their branded wheel, Gucci is able to access their future consumers, even in the digital world.


avg time engaging with Gucci wheel per user


of all users wearing Gucci clothing
By being able to tell that story in an authentic way and allowing people to express themselves through what we do—that’s how we’re staying true to our brand mantra.
Robert Triefus
CMO, Gucci