Your official genie clone

Individuals who are selected as an Official Genie are noteworthy within their respective industry and receive personalized treatment from our creative and engineering teams to express themselves in the digital world.

Customized Genie Avatar

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your personification and identity to create the perfect, 3D digital animated version of yourself. Each Official Genie is hand-crafted to fit your exact brand needs.

Custom Social Content

We want to bring your digital identity to life by representing you and your brand. We’ll collaborate with you for any brand obligations or defining social moments by crafting unique content through your Genie. Your Genie can express your digital identity when you can’t.

Your Own Mobile App

Monetize your brand’s value and awareness on the world’s biggest communication platforms. Animated scenes are generated dynamically for each user resulting in a unique experience.

Each Official Genie is accepted upon unique terms and agreements.
Payment is not considered as a method for review