Wu joins Asian music artists and recently-announced Genies partners, Namie Amuro and Yoshiki, foraying more momentum for Genies in Asian marketplace.

Avatar App Is Now Available On Social and Chat platforms Across Asia Like WeChat, Snow, Weibo, Line, Kakao alongside FB Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram In Other Major Parts of the World

LOS ANGELES - Genies, Inc., a digital avatar company that recently announced integration on all social and chat platforms and launched a Media Network and Avatar Agency, is continuing to grow its partnerships with key celebrities with this collaboration with Daniel Wu. 

Wu is an American-born Chinese actor, director and producer who has starred in over 50 films and is currently produces and stars in the AMC martial arts drama series Into the Badlands. The Tomb Raider actor has been called the “Brad Pitt of Hong Kong” and one of the top actors in the Chinese language film industry.  After two decades, his popularity in both the Asian and American market continues to grow, making his partnership with Genies both strategic and exciting.

Wu will help expand brand engagement with the company in both China and the United States., leveraging his dual celebrity status in both countries. He joins Yoshiki and Namie Amuro as Genie’s third strategic brand partner in the Asian marketplace this month. “Wu is an multi-hyphenate actor, producer and director, with a global fan base that is continuing to grow as he enters a third decade in the industry,” said Peter Loehr,  senior advisor to Genies. “Wu stays relevant by being an innovator, and we are proud to align with him strategically to get his  message out to his fans on the latest social media platforms.”    

As part of the dynamic between the Genies Media Network, Genies will be helping celebrities and influencers find top brands for unique activations and vice versa, while also integrating the brand into their consumer app for users to engage with the brand through multiple touchpoints. The company has already been actively engaged with top brands such as Gucci and New Balance for the consumer version of the app, where users are spending on average 75 percent on these branded wheels and over 65 percent of users have at least one branded item of clothing on their Genie - which are being used across all social and messaging platforms. 

For consumers, creating a Genies is simple. Once you download the Genies app, you create an avatar and immediately export it to your favorite platforms. Within each platform, you can search through an extensive library of animations using keywords, categories (happy, FML, ugh, let’s party, sleepy, etc.), or topical action packs that are released every week. 

“Our team couldn’t be more excited to kickoff this partnership with Daniel as we continue to focus on the Asian market and grow our partnerships,” said Genies CEO Akash Nigam. “As we continue to capture the Gen Z and celebrity audiences in the states, we’ll be rolling out even more brand partnerships and celebrity collaborations as we expand internationally.”

Past celebrity and brand content examples include:

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Genies, Inc. is an avatar technology company based in Venice, Calif. Akash Nigam, and Evan Rosenbaum, both 27, started the company in 2015. Genies has raised $40 million in capital from an eclectic group of venture capital firms and angel investors.