HUMANS has already invested in multiple companies including Zebra IQ and Leatail Labs

LOS ANGELESGenies Inc, the world’s largest digital avatar technology company, spurred by the global acceleration of digital interaction with COVID-19, today announced a new investment arm called HUMANS to bring its avatars to new social companies in the digital era.

Genies will target companies that benefit immediately and directly from its avatars to foster togetherness and authentic connection during a time where physical interaction is limited. The investment portfolio companies will be natural extensions of Genies exclusive mission on virtual connection and authentic interactions.

“We had foreseen the shift in how people and brands were going to communicate using virtual identities to achieve more authentic communication some time ago. However, the rise of COVID-19 accelerated that adoption trend rapidly,” said Akash Nigam, Genies CEO. “Recognizing this seismic shift, we moved quickly to establish HUMANS so that we could continue to work with broadly diverse innovators at the forefront of this communication revolution.”

Today, there is incredible demand for Genies avatars because of the physical world restrictions brought by the pandemic. And now, HUMANS can invest in the best of the Generation COVID startup.

“We are looking for startups that we love and would benefit from our avatars and technology,” added Nigam.

At this intersection, Genies offers an unbeatable competitive advantage that exceeds simple investment. Genies’ Avatar Agency (with over 2,000 top celebrities and influencers using Genies avatars to communicate with followers and partner with brands in innovative ways) provides high-value exposure to startups. Moreover, Genies offers its investment portfolio companies access to its proprietary SDK that is set to launch this fall.

In this way, HUMANS will support the reimagination of how people, brands, causes, and cultures communicate and build communities.

Genies itself is backed by top investors such as NEA, CAA, Breyer Capital, and Foundation Capital (full list here). In its work,Genies has partnered with an array of brands including Gucci, New Balance, Bird, the NFLPA, MLBPA, NBPA, CDC, World Health Organization, and Frito-Lay as well as top celebrities and influencers such as Jennifer Lopez, Offset, Shawn Mendes, Rihanna, Russell Westbrook, DJ Khaled, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Kyrie Irving and more.

The investment will be overseen by Nigam with the aid of an investment committee that includes Genies co-founder Evan Rosenbaum and Genies executives Jake Adams, Allison Sturges, James Andrews, Izzy Pollak, and Jake Becker. Each of these team members will provide expertise to the portfolio companies and engage with their leadership to best understand how Genies’ social technology can best integrate and support them in the marketplace

Genies is the pioneer in virtual identity and will further revolutionize all-platform communication tools with its launch of a new SDK and 3D avatar later this year.

For more information on the portfolio or to find out more about Genies, please visit www.genies.com.


Founded in 2017, Genies Inc. is the leading avatar technology company. With their consumer app, SDK and Avatar Agency, Genies has set the foundation for swift, widespread adaptation of avatars in society, business and culture. With its premier brand partnerships with Gucci, Bird and New Balance, and others, Genies leads in this fast-evolving landscape. With $30 million in capital backed by the leading investors out of Silicon Valley, global entrepreneurs, top talent agencies, and global 1000 companies, Genies has created a global network of ecosystems where its avatars forge connections and find purpose through their actions. Genies currently employs 40 people, the majority of whom are engineers, illustrators, and animators with plans to increase staff over the course of 2020.