Genies Is Recognized As Instagram’s Favorite Avatar As It Is Used Across The Board By Gen Z Consumers, Top Tier Celebrities, and Brand Partners

Clients To Date Include Offset, DJ Khaled, Marshmello, J Lo, Cardi B, Shawn Mendes, Quincy Jones, Jared Goff, Andre Drummond, A$AP Rocky, Lil Nas X, Gucci, New Balance, Bird, etc, 

Brand Partners Gain Exclusivity Over Their Verticals As a Way To Own Identity In The Digital World

Genies, Inc. today launched a new media network focused on representing brands in the digital world through avatar marketing. The Genies Media Network allows brands to partner with the company through both their consumer app and their Avatar Agency, which is made up of a roster of 350+ of the most sought-after celebrities around the world. After announcing their initial brand partners like Gucci, New Balance, Bird, and MVMT, exclusive charter partners of the Media Network will now be able to partner with top tier celebrities, amplify their brand with digital closets, and live in the conversations of their consumers through branded actions.

Genies gained traction when it launched an Avatar technology focused company at the end of 2018. This included an app that allows users to create Genie avatars of themselves via “Wheels” to select from over 1 million combinations of skin tone, eye color, hair style, clothing, and accessories, among myriad other options. Users can communicate with each other or in groups or share across all social media and messaging platforms. 

For exclusive charter partners, the Genies Media Network builds out a full awareness campaign from top to bottom that partners the brand with top tier celebrity avatar talent and then integrates the brand into their consumer app through their “wheels” and branded actions. Through their waterfall marketing approach, Genies creates a string of social interactions where the consumers of their brand partners are hit with multiple touch-points - first they see their favorite celebrity using their Genie to promote a brand across social media, and then they themselves have the ability to create their own avatar with the same branded assets and actions. With over 75% of Genie users being Gen Z audiences, brand partners have the opportunity to build long term relationships with their future customers through Genies’ avatar marketing.  

"We're excited to have our brand pioneer this compelling new avatar talent space alongside Genies - especially as the influencer marketing landscape continues to evolve." stated Ethan Frame, Sr. Manager, Influencer Marketing & Business Development at MVMT. “We’re always looking for unique ways to engage with our consumers and knowing how difficult it can be to get a celebrity for a shoot and social media post, we look forward to developing and creating more interactive content that both fit our brand and talent partners.”

Before launching the Media Network, Genies has already been actively engaged with celebrities and athletes through their Avatar Agency, helping many to expand their brand. Examples include:

“Avatar marketing is simply product placement in the digital world, but in the most personalized way possible. With younger demos beginning to see their digital identities as an authentic representation of who they are, avatar marketing gives brands a chance to connect with their target customers in the most aspirational and authentic way. Media consumption by younger demos is being dominated by the dynamic platforms that are most personal, leaving traditional passive forms of marketing (tv commercials, billboards, etc) in the dust. Brands that don’t experiment with these newer forms of customer engagement early on will fall behind competitors that are faster to innovate.” - Allison Sturges, Managing Director of the Avatar Agency.

"The Genies Media Network was built on demand after seeing the massive influx of brands reaching out to secure exclusivity in the next frontier of marketing. With digital advertising becoming more and more diluted, we are able to provide a platform for brands looking to allocate media spend in thumb stopping ways that also garners a stamp of approval from top celebrities” - Izzy Pollak, Chief Evangelist.

As part of the dynamic between the Genies Media Network and Avatar Agency, Genies will be helping celebrities and influencers find top brands for unique activations and vice versa. The company has already been actively engaged with top brands such as Gucci and New Balance for the consumer version of the app, where users are spending on average 75s on these branded wheels and over 65% of users have at least one branded item of clothing on their Genie - which are being used across all social and messaging platforms. 

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Genies, Inc. is an avatar technology company based in Venice, California. Akash Nigam,and Evan Rosenbaum, both 26, started the company in 2015. Genies employs 30 engineers, animators, and illustrators and has raised $25 million in capital from an eclectic group of venture capital firms and angel investors.