In an effort to unite and aid the global community, Genies joins forces with the CDC Foundation’s ‘All Of Us’ crowdfunding campaign amidst recent pandemic

Los Angeles, CA — March 19, 2020 — Genies, the world’s largest avatar technology company, today announced its social impact partnership with CDC Foundation. The Foundation’s “All Of Us: Combat Coronavirus’’ campaign is aimed at raising hundreds of millions of dollars for its Emergency Response Fund. For those who cannot donate in these difficult times, you can create your own Genie at and help Genies amplify the message on social media by sharing the CDC Foundation actions from your Genies keyboard along with #COLIV_20. 

The CDC Foundation is working with Genies to draw upon talented athletes, tastemakers, musicians and celebrities through the brand’s Avatar Agency. Hundreds of celebrities from the Agency will participate in the campaign to promote donations, as well as encourage their followers to help spread awareness by posting their custom Genies using branded CDC Foundation actions along with the #COLIV_20 hashtag. 

Genies’ premier goal is to connect people digitally, but especially today, as societies around the world face quarantines, travel and gathering restraints. With the majority of the world in isolation and following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendation on how to protect yourself and others, digital connection is critical to this effort, and Genies is encouraging users to create a strong, positive community online through the hashtag #COLIV_ 20. This hashtag is aimed to inspire the community to fight COVID-19 through donations and education, reminding us all that it is connection, whether in-person or online, that brings us together. 

“We wanted to create strong and authentic digital connections for this campaign,” said Judy Monroe, MD, president and CEO of the CDC Foundation. “With today’s launch, we’re excited to tap into Genies’ powerful digital connections and dynamic avatars. We hope that during times like these, it is even more apparent that we are in this together, no matter location and proximity."

“While we are unable to be there for one another physically, we can lean on avatars to bring our community together in the digital world,” said Akash Nigam, CEO and Founder of Genies. “The Coronavirus started ravaging our world last year and scientists christened it the COVID-19 to mark the year of its arrival. With #COLIV_20 we mark the year we all learned to digitally live and support each other.”

The hashtag, #COLIV_20, can be used across social platforms as a catalyst to amplify the mission of the campaign. Users in support can also choose to download their own avatar in the Genies app and utilize any of the CDC Foundation actions on the keyboard to help share the news of the campaign.

With cases rising throughout all 50 states and in more than 175 countries, The CDC Foundation launched its crowdfunding campaign on March 12, 2020, to extend and accelerate public health coronavirus response efforts.  

Funds raised in the campaign will be used to:

  • Help communities prevent, detect and respond to COVID-19
  • Deploy emergency staffing with the skills required to meet the needs on the front lines at the state and local level
  • Fund and deliver critical home essentials, such as food and medical needs to quarantined and isolated individuals
  • Develop education and awareness campaigns to advance prevention and reduce stigma
  • Build capacity and infrastructure for global response efforts and other immediate needs as they evolve

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Founded in 2017, Genies Inc. is the leading avatar technology company. With their consumer app and first-ever Avatar Agency, Genies has set the foundation for swift, widespread adaptation of avatars in society, business and culture. With $30 million in capital from the leading Silicon Valley venture capitalists, global entrepreneurs, top talent agencies, and Fortune 500 companies, Genies has created a renowned network of ecosystems where its avatars forge connections and find purpose through their actions. Genies currently employs 30 people all based in Los Angeles, CA. 


The CDC Foundation helps the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) save and improve lives by unleashing the power of collaboration between CDC, philanthropies, corporations, organizations and individuals to protect the health, safety and security of America and the world. The CDC Foundation is the go-to nonprofit authorized by Congress to mobilize philanthropic partners and private-sector resources to support CDC’s critical health protection mission. Since 1995, the CDC Foundation has launched more than 1,000 programs and raised more than $900 million. The CDC Foundation managed hundreds of CDC-led programs in the United States and in more than 140 countries last year. Learn more about the CDC Foundation at Follow the Foundation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.