The Avatar Company Already Has Premier Brand Partnerships with the Likes of Gucci, Bird and New Balance

Known as “Instagram’s Favorite Avatar”, Genies Already Works With Top Celebrities and Athletes Like Andrew McCutchen, Jose Altuve, Corey Seager,  Ndamukong Suh, Russell Westbrook, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna

LOS ANGELES - July 17, 2019 - Genies, Inc., an innovative digital avatar company that recently announced the world's first Avatar Agency and just launched the platform on all social media and chat platforms (currently ranks as #2 worldwide in the Social Networking category), has just locked in an official partnership with the MLBPA as a way to sign MLB players to the Avatar Agency and to integrate their likeness into the Genies consumer app through the MLBPA.

For the consumer, using Genies is simple. Once you download the Genies app, you create a digital avatar through their virtual closets called “Wheels”, where a user can already access brands like Gucci, New Balance and now their favorite baseball content. A user then exports their custom avatar to all their favorite messaging and social platforms through an extensive library of animations.

Through the Avatar Agency top tier celebrities, artists, and athletes can partner with brands and make money through their digital selves. Cardi B, Rihanna, DJ Khaled, J Lo, Manny Machado, Russell Westbrook, and Madonna are among thousands of celebrities currently using their Genies across social and digital platforms.

There are 3 distinct ways the MLBPA is partnering with Genies:

1. Talent: All MLB players will now have the opportunity to join the Genies Avatar Agency roster, where they can access their digital brand and take on paid partnerships, all through their Genie.

2. Branded Wheel: Branded apparel will be available in the Genies app where users can adorn their Genies in the latest clothing from their favorite MLB players. 

3. Actions: Relevant baseball actions will be available for Genies users to use across all messaging and social platforms.

Through the partnership with the MLBPA, Genies can now work with the organization to bring on select MLB players for their Avatar Agency. The MLBPA will also be featured as an organization on the Genies roster as a way for brands to access virtually any player they want to work with. Given the nature of the MLB season, players often have to forego many of the brand opportunities that come their way, as they are busy with games and practices 24/7. Through their Genie, players will be able to take on more brand partnerships where they can make money from deals without ever needing to be present for shoots or production. 

As the first players association to have a presence in the digital world, the partnership between the MLBPA and Genies will also allow Genies users to adorn their avatars in apparel to rep their favorite players. By accessing the likeness of players through the MLBPA, Genies will be able to hand-craft digital apparel that represents player’s brands.

The MLBPA will also have their own exclusive category in the Genies keyboard - opening up an abundance of opportunities for users to share MLB relevant actions across all messaging and social platforms. Whether it’s a signature homerun dance, a culturally relevant sport moment, or a fun action to share on game days - any baseball fan will be able to live as an MLB player in the digital world through their Genie. 

“We’re excited to bring on the MLBPA as a partner of Genies. With the MLB season being so long, players now have the opportunity to expand their digital identity and take on experiences and benefits that they aren’t able to access in the real world,” stated Allison Sturges, Managing Director of the Avatar Agency. “Genies have proven to be the ultimate branding experience for celebrities across the world and our partnership with the MLBPA is going to further that message throughout this season.” 

“Genies has the potential to open up doors for our players in ways that have never been done before. We are always looking for new and innovative ways for players to push their brand identities. We think Genies is an incredible outlet for them to further their identities in the digital world, for both their personal brand and sponsorship obligations. With a digital representation, they can focus on baseball while still being able to take care of business off the field by letting their Genie fulfill obligations for them.” - MLBPA quote

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Genies, Inc. is an avatar technology company based in Venice, Calif. Akash Nigam and Evan Rosenbaum, both 26, started Genies in 2016. Genies has raised $30 million in capital from an eclectic group of venture capital firms and angel investors and currently employees 30 people, the majority of whom are engineers, illustrators, and animators.