The first ever creative marketing agency for digital avatars

Our talent roster

We represent the Genie version of our talent in the digital world. Our roster is comprised tastemakers and people of high notoriety within their respective industries.

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As talent, you can focus on your career

As the first agency to represent talent through digital avatars, we provide access to content and brands that allow you to earn revenue without needing to be physically present for content production. Whether your top priority is on the court, in the studio, or on tour, your Genie can represent your identity when you can’t.

Content on Demand

We collaborate with your team to create custom content for your Genie that can fulfill your personal brand obligations, defining social moments, and big announcements.

Your genie available across 100+ platforms

We help you monetize and expand your brand’s value onto some of the world’s largest communication platforms, including iMessage, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, and more.