A Deep Dive: Genies Party

A Deep Dive: Genies Party

Oct 23, 2023

Our core mission at Genies has always revolved around how avatars can help humans express their inner selves, a pillar of self expression that has been missing from the social landscape since the dawn of Facebook. Most personal content posted online today requires 1 of 3 things to make it a “good” piece of content. 

Your voice, body, or surroundings. Usually all 3 are required. Each requires your physical self or the physical world around you. In other words, your external self. 

In a world where your external self is required to express yourself, it not only opens you up to a lot of judgment from peers, but it’s hard. It’s risky and comes with potential embarrassment, harassment, and more. It also creates a culture of conformity, where people express what they think they should express, as opposed to what they actually feel internally. 

Inner self expression is more authentic, more unique to you, which also leads to more authentic connections with people around you. Your inner self is the culmination of the million micro moments that happen on a daily basis, most of them being choices that you make. You make a choice to say something a specific way when breaking up with your partner, you make a choice to choose the red shirt or the blue shirt, you make a choice to drive fast and cut people off or drive slow and enjoy the ride. The result of these million micro choices ends up depicting your thoughts, behavior, and overall personality. 

We’re building a social network that enables humans to not only learn about that inner self, but help express it to meet like minded people. 

And we’re calling it Genies Party.

Like Mario Party?


Well, kind of..

Imagine Mario Party, on steroids. 

When a new social platform or device is popularized, it always starts with culture: the kids. 

And when the kids engage with something so “new”, it typically starts as something casual, innocent, and fun: games 

Before the app store was a hub for everything, it started as a hub for games. 

Before each social network became a true network, they felt like games

Based on all these assumptions, we believe the best way to ultimately capture and connect people’s inner selves is through an interoperable avatar social network made up of our own unique version of games we are calling Experiences.

There are two key functions of Genies Party that differentiate it from anything else.

First, this is a network that revolves around capturing and socializing inner self information (i.e. thoughts and emotions) as opposed to external self highlights. There is no place to freely share inner self information in a social setting (and if your argument is X is the place to do that, think again. X has become a hub of news and opinions, succumbing to the same conformity driven environment as the others.) 

Second, this network is entirely interoperable. In the physical world, everyone has their own unique experiences that affect their personality and mood, and they are constantly moving from one experience to the next, taking their personality and mood with them. For example, If I nail a job interview and then go meet up with my friends for a drink, I will likely be more extroverted and confident. Or, If I’m really good at soccer, I will have more stamina and agility when I go skiing. 

The digital world does not function like this right now, and our goal is to change that with Genies Party. 

How will it work? 

Functionally, our network will resemble something like this:

All the Experiences will be fully interoperable, both from a visual and personality perspective, and powered by our budding community of artists building assets through the Workshop, and developers building the actual Experiences through the Dev Kit. 

Visually, users will be able to collect and earn Things, which are 3D objects that travel with them from Experience to Experience. Things are given to users based on their personality, mood, and performance while playing a given Experience. Things are how each Experience is connected with each other. This enables us to crowdsource from millions of developers. 

For example, I might have played very aggressively using the rock all the time in Rock, Paper, Scissors and due to that, I earned a bag of rocks. Now I can use those rocks in a separate racing Experience, where I can throw rocks to slow down the other cars. 

Or, in a cooking Experience, I’m the owner of a restaurant and my task is to create the menu by having a conversation with the chef (who is an AI agent). The chef asks me questions about myself, my heritage, my memories, my dietary restrictions, habits, and more. Maybe the chef finds a throughline that all the food I like is salty. Very salty. I earn a salt shaker that I can now use in other Experiences to distract opponents. 

These are examples of very simple Experiences to illustrate the idea, but the level of complexity can grow as the # of Experiences grow in the ecosystem. 

How I behave in one Experience also earns me personality Traits which affect how I behave in every other Experience. Everything will work with everything. 

Suddenly you can envision a world where there are thousands, millions of Experiences that are not only interoperable but become a way for a user to learn about their inner self and inevitably express that self through the social aspect of the app itself, the “Home” above. 

Thus users enter each experience with their unique set of traits about their inner self and developers can build rules to create personalized gameplay, customized to each player. When gameplay feels like it was made just for them, users invest more deeply in their characters and the overall Experience. It’s not just playing a character – you become that character.

All that said, in the beginning, the main goal is to crowdsource fun Experiences from developers. 

Silver Studio is our first example of what a fun Experience could look like – rate each other’s avatar outfits and gain popularity as a fashion designer. 

We expect to see an endless variety of Experiences, ranging from simple “finger tapping” Experiences, to more elaborate storytelling Experiences. Here at Genies we’re developing the tech for customized interoperable gameplay today. The choice is up to the developer and how interoperable they want their own Experience to be. 

We’d love to work with creatives who aren’t afraid to step up and use our platform to connect with players in a deeper way. Make every player feel like the protagonist of their own adventure. Embrace customized experiences and watch as your players become devoted fans.

If you’re a developer, artist, or creative, join our community to learn how you can contribute to the Genies crowd-sourced ecosystem.