What are genies?

Genies are the most intelligent and dynamic avatars on market. We use 3D motion picture quality and advanced artificial intelligence to create digital clones to look and think just like you. Genies are a medium that people can understand in the new generation.

How do Genies think?

Each avatar’s AI “brain” will be able to determine what users want to express – directing the motions, gestures, and facial expressions of their Genies to enable a new reality.

How do you build a Genie?

Users customize Genies to mirror their idealized digital selves. Using our proprietary technology, select from over a million options on everything from personality type, likes and dislikes, skin tone, eye color, hair style, clothing, and many more. Genie brains are programmed to match how a human feels in real life at any given moment or time.


We’re proud to call our partners some of world’s most distinguished and eclectic venture capitalists, athletes, musicians, and accredited entrepreneurs.