We’re cloning the world.

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What are genies?

Genies are the most intelligent and dynamic avatars on market. We use 3D motion picture quality and advanced artificial intelligence to create digital avatars to look and think just like you.

How are genies created?

Customize your Genie to mirror your idealized digital self. With over a million clothing and facial options provided, you can create your Genie to represent yourself however you’d like.

What can genies do?

Genies can do almost anything you imagine. Any type of thought, feeling, or idea you have can be expressed through your Genie in a fantastical way.

Where can you use genies?

Genies live everywhere. From Instagram to Snapchat, iMessage, WhatsApp, WeChat, Giphy, Messenger, and more, you can use Genies on all your favorite platforms.