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Farewell Message & Reflections

Farewell Message & Reflections

Apr 12, 2022

Don’t worry, we aren’t going under. In fact, quite the opposite. Today we announced our $150M Series C led by Silver Lake to fuel our mission in empowering humans to create their own avatar ecosystems.

Avatars. Fashion. Spaces. Experiences.

The 4 pillars of an avatar ecosystem. All custom designed and created by the owner (you) using the tools provided (us).

While announcing the close of a funding round is normally when companies enter the spotlight, we are using this moment to let you know and then wave goodbye.

You see, what I’ve loved so much about this journey is how diehard the Genies team is about this mission. For us, it’s not about the “business,” not about the “career path,” not about the money. It has been and will always be about the mission. The mission to swing the pendulum back to the founding philosophy of the internet: allow humans to express whatever and whoever they want. To be their true spirits.

This financing gives us the freedom to allocate 100% of our mindshare to executing and building out the vision. Nothing else matters outside of these four walls at Genies HQ. Heads down. Zero distractions.

For the foreseeable future, the only personnel we plan on talking to are each other, our avatar ecosystem creators and users, and candidates that want to join the pursuit.

The world is a crowdsourced project of humanity trying to make it a better place. An authentic world is a better one and we hope to do our part in bringing us there.

See ya around (or not) ✌🏾