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Design Your Own Digital Fashion

Design Your Own Digital Fashion

Aug 30, 2022

Did u steal clothes from ur sister’s closet for dress up growing up? Do u fantasize about designing ur perfect fit but can never find it irl? Do u dream about what u’d wear if no one was looking? Well we have some good news 4 u… 😉

Today we’re announcing the officialllll release of the Genies Studio app (AHHHH !!!) giving u the first set of digital fashion tools to empower and discover the next gen of creators and designers.

Now u’ll have the ability to create ur own Genies avi, browse and buy digital fashion collections from unreal creators, and use our tools to DIY anything in ur closet. Yup, u heard right… customize anyyything!! Originality for the win bb. We know these first set of DIY tools are a littttttle limiting, but we wanted to give u a little treat while ur waiting for us to perfect the other tools… U’ll be able to change the color, pattern, and texture of any item u own – whether built from scratch in the Genies Studio or purchased from ur fav creators in The Warehouse (our marketplace ofc). For now, we are hand-selecting creators that can sell in The Warehouse, but if ur interested in becoming an approved seller, u can apply here or come find us at one of our DIY Pop-ups. In the meantime, u all have the opportunity to collab with current creators by DIY-ing any of the pieces u buy and own from them too.

Don’t forget, we have sooo many more tools for u on the way… but just between us, we can tell u that cropping, layering, and stitching jussst might be up next. We even plan to release a major tool next ! month ! Overtime, everyone will have the ability to create their dream closets by having more and more customization – the more tools, the more u can DIY (duh). Eventually, we want to empower anyone to be able to create fully unique 1 of 1 items to express their truest selves, trade with besties, and even create full blown busine$$es by selling them on The Warehouse.

Digital fashion is just the first step in our vision towards avatar ecosystems, buuuut we obv want to make sure that first step is done right. Our priority has always and will always be about giving ownership to the creator, so that’s why each digital fashion item u create is an NFT (don’t run away too fast just hear us out for a sec hehe)… Sooo what does that mean exactly and why?

We ofc understand why people have a hatred towards NFTs (tech bros scare us too lol). They’ve been used in completely wrong ways. NFTs are how we can ensure that creators get paid and recognized for their original designs. From the first creation, to the very last collab, u are able to see who created, owned, remixed, and sold each individual piece of fashion. This means U, the creator, actually OWN ur digital creations when u buy them… And btw, we also hate how environmentally unfriendly NFTs have been thus far (yuck), so that’s why we are using Flow, which is the most environmentally friendly blockchain around. <3

k, so what’s next?

We can’t wait to see what u guys start creating in the app. U don’t need to live next to the hottest thrift shop or post videos of ur outfits on TikTok in hopes of going viral now to start living out ur fashion dreams. We want to provide as many tools as possible to help u live out ur personal style dreams as creatively as possible – this first set of tools is just the beginning… brb already getting misty eyed just thinking about how perfect ur creations are gonna be. :’)

And of course we can’t forget about our first wave of approved creators that will start to release their own custom collections in The Warehouse. Shoutout sgicreatorillumitati, and kat rose to name justtt a few that u’ll be seeing very soon! U guys are literally gonna freak when u see their pieces. As a reminder, we’re currently hand-selecting creators to dream up their digital fashion brands for The Warehouse, so if u wanna join the fam, the only way to get approved is by finding one of our DIY pop-ups or applying here.

TIME 2 DIY !!! Tag us in ur creations to get featured on our page @genies. Our tools are ready for u hehe xoxoxo