Introducing The Workshop

Introducing The Workshop

Oct 26, 2023

Humanity is just a crowdsourced operation where we’re all trying to make each other’s lives better. Whether you’re cooking a meal for a friend, or designing a garment for a stranger, or building a tool for a community, we’re all actively creating and building to improve our own lives and everyone’s around us.

At Genies we’re building tools that will change how millions of people express and represent themselves online, hopefully leading to a world where people can be more authentic online without fear of judgment due to their physical appearance. We would die to have those million people in the room helping us build that vision, but clearly that’s not possible, so while we do our best to hear everyone’s voices it’s nearly impossible to reach all of you. 

The Workshop is our effort to open the doors to all artists that want to take part in building the future of digital identity with us. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D artist or an emerging designer fresh out of school, we’ve built The Workshop in a way that caters to artists of all skill levels. 

The Workshop will allow anyone to create their own assets, release them in the Genies ecosystem, and earn cold hard cash from the engagement they receive (via our Engagement Fund – details below). It starts with a key pillar of digital identity, fashion, that will be released in our Silver Studio app as 3D wearables that any user can adorn on their avatar. Eventually, this will expand to all types of assets that contribute to how someone represents themselves online through our interoperable avatar social network, Genies Party. Artists will be able to build for a variety of non-fashion related items, including props, environments, Things, and even avatars themselves. We will continue to roll out new tools and assets classes as we get closer to the release of Genies Party (participating in The Workshop now will get you early access to these assets). 

The people that designed your favorite clothes, gadgets, and characters were no smarter than you. They just had the opportunity to put their creations out in the world, they believed in themselves, and they kept iterating until it resonated with a group of people. The digital world will provide immense opportunities for people to do this from the comfort of their home without any high tech gear or large production teams. Just a belief and an opportunity. We believe an art renaissance is upon us and we hope The Workshop opens that door for you. 

How does the pipeline work?

3D Creator Starter Pack

We provide mannequins and guides that allow you to create wearables on our Genies base mesh. This ensures it is sized correctly and remains within the wearable asset type. This also increases the likelihood for the asset to get approved and work within our pipeline.

We recognize not everyone has time to start the creation process from scratch, that’s why we offer the fashion kit! It offers 100+ options and pieces you can put together quickly and recreate fashionable wearables in no time. The kit was developed by our internal fashion experts and artists. 

Wearable Asset Types

Wearable asset types have been set up to allow for assets to be layered on top of each other without collisions. This allows for an easy skinning process, and minimizes any clipping issues.


Something we love about our system is how creative and collaborative artists can get with the assets. Many times wearables are restricted to what has already been created. Users cannot really edit it, or customize it other than maybe change the color of it. We allow it to be taken a step further. Users can decide materials such as Leather, Velvet, Metal, and more. You can even add in custom patterns and assign it to various regions of the asset model.

All this is possible by the RGBA Mask our artists generate. They define out regions the users can edit by assigning up to 4 portions of the asset with Black, Red, Blue, and Green color. Anything they don’t want editable is included as part of the Alpha.


We want artists to be able to use any 3D software available to them for creation, that’s why our requirements are kept simple to FBX file types and texture maps. We provide docs on how you can use Blender since it’s a free software anyone can use.

Checking Process

Once the assets are uploaded they go through automated technical checks to either fix any issues it is seeing (such as manifold geometry), or provide feedback to the user with how to make fixes to the wearable they have submitted. We want to make the process as painless as possible for the artists.

The Future of our Pipeline

In the future, as AIGC tools become more and more accessible to the general population, we want to make sure our tech helps provide utility to assets created with those types of tools (you can imagine someone creating an asset with a text-to-model tool, or uploading a picture of their favorite thrifted jeans and turning them into a unique model as well).

Our goal is to make these types of assets compatible across the entire ecosystem in an easy and seamless way, so even non-conforming assets can be resized to work with our Genie (and even other avatars as well).

How do I participate? 

We offer materials and assistance to help anyone started, regardless of skill level. 

Step 1: Choose from our range of aesthetically diverse fashion prompts, including some that allow you to collaborate with a creator (look out for the “creator” tag).

Step 2: Download the 3D Creator Starter Pack that contains a mannequin, guides, and our Fashion Kit for your convenience.

Step 3: You pick a WEARABLE ASSET TYPE you would like to make. We provide an expansive fashion kit consisting of thousands of curated fashion pieces that help jumpstart and simplify the creation process, making the design process accessible for a variety of artist levels. Available asset types are: shirts, hoodies, jackets, dresses, pants, skirts, shorts, shoes, masks, glasses, hats, earrings.

Step 4: Create a 3D digital wearable using the software and workflow you are most comfortable with (Zbrush, Maya, Blender etc). Check our Tech Specs to make sure your 3D model and textures are compatible with our ecosystem. 

Step 5: Submit your creation and we’ll do the rest! In case there are any technical, creative, or legal issues – we will contact you asap 📨

Step 6: Earn from our Fashion Engagement Fund.

What is the Fashion Engagement Fund? 

We’ve long built our company around the intersection of art and technology, launching both this artist-driven fund, and a developer-driven one earlier this year to crowdsource Experiences for our avatar social network.

The Fashion Engagement Fund is set up to reward you, the artist, that develops and releases quality, engaging assets for the Genies ecosystem. Earn based on the performance of your creations in the Silver Studio app and across the Genies ecosystem as it evolves. You will also be given opportunities to collaborate with celebrities through their own unique prompts, including the likes of Khalid, BANKS, Amber Park, Au/Ra, tinyjewishgirl and more.

Becoming a top creator in our universe doesn’t just mean building a reputation, it also means being able to financially benefit off the work put into your creations, and we hope this fund will allow you to do that. 

Are you an artist or creative? Join the Genies community to learn more!