Jul 11, 2024

Over the past several years, culture’s most iconic tastemakers have been leveraging their Genie avatars to express themselves digitally and connect with fans in completely new ways - whether it’s OG Genies like Paris Hilton, Migos or Justin Bieber to recent newcomers like Lay Bankz, JVKE or Lil Durk. 

For Creators, an avatar isn’t just a representation of themselves: it’s an embodiment of their brand in character form and a powerful tool for storytelling and commercialization. In other words, it’s a piece of intellectual property (IP). Similar to how early adopters who embraced social media built substantial followings and value around their profiles, developing and investing in the digital identity of the future, an avatar, can yield long-term benefits.

Establishing avatar IP effectively requires consistent, high-quality content and strategic transmedia storytelling. To support this, we now offer comprehensive services including creative strategy, content creation, and marketing, allowing Creators to effortlessly launch their own avatar accounts…their own Lil Miquelas. Imagine having a dedicated Instagram and TikTok account for your avatar to showcase its personality, hop on cultural trends, or react to UGC in an engaging way that your main channels don’t. As these social profiles grow and draw in new audiences and opportunities, they naturally evolve into a seamless springboard for creators to launch their own avatar universes 😉.

From a technical perspective, we’ve made a lot of improvements to help Creators build value around their avatar IP. For one, we've evolved our Genies from 2D to 3D to prepare for the inevitable expansion of opportunities across XR, AI, gaming, and so much more. We've also optimized avatar production time by 10x, and through our Tool Kit, we’re building technology that can enable any creator, brand, developer, or artist to create their own unique avatar experiences and platforms - resembling an open-source Roblox model.

Because when it comes to unlocking the full potential of an avatar, why should WE dictate what’s possible or what’s cool? Creators should be able to build out any activation and develop their IP however they want. 

And now we’re going to make it easier than ever to find the right collaborator. We’re excited to announce the Genies Creator and Partner Network - a way for culture’s icons and our innovative partners to connect & power the next generation of avatar experiences. The Network consists of our roster of Creators, along with a growing rolodex of innovative tech, brand and agency Partners that can now enable a vast array of offerings for talent to expand their IP, all by tapping into the core avatar tech we’ve built at Genies. 

Some of our initial launch Partners include:

  • Anything World: 3D Animation and Automated Rigging platform powered by Machine Learning. Unlimited 3D models for games, apps and the metaverse.

  • Superfan Studio: specializes in creating cutting-edge AR filters and stunning CGI videos that transform brand's storytelling and captivate their audience.

  • Soundful: The leading AI Music Studio for creators.

  • Look Mister: A group of artists and technicians who specialize in the creation and development of Augmented, Virtual, Mixed Reality, and Web3 experiences.

  • Buoy Studio: Working with the likes of Netflix, Roblox, Delta Airlines and Liquid Death, the company uses production technologies, interactive, spatial (AR, VR, MR), creative AI, gaming, and real-time tools to bring exceptional experiences to life.

  • Flax Pixel: Specializes in AR/VR immersive experiences on both mobile and headsets with a particular focus on gaming.

  • Vega Studio: A mobile first design studio helping brands engage, innovate, and build multi-dimensional experiences for their audience.

Through our suite of tools, such as our Avatar Framework, we’ve enabled limitless compatibility and customization of our avatars, which unlocks the ability to create a wide range of unique avatar experiences. This provides Creators with the comfort and value of a persistent virtual identity, while giving Partners a jumpstart with their activation builds. 

"As the demand for avatar IP development through avatar-based activations has surged from our talent partners, our new network of innovative partners enables us to rapidly expand our capabilities with no limitations,” says Jake Becker, Director of Creators at Genies. “Whether it's a cutting-edge XR experience, an interactive AI music moment, virtual show, IRL activation or even a physical good, our extensive network has you covered, with your Genie avatar at the core." 

With the power of our Partner Network, there are now limitless possibilities for how a Creator can now activate their Genie. Here are a few examples to spark some inspiration…

  • Imagine a musical artist building anticipation for their upcoming album by releasing AR versions of their avatar. These avatars are seen jamming to snippets of focus tracks in iconic spots across New York City, each location hinted at in a playful scavenger hunt. Fans and the press capture their own clips of the artist’s avatar in the real world, sparking viral UGC moments that take social media by storm.

  • IP holders or brands who launch their own UGC gaming platforms using Genies’ tech can license celebrity avatars to be featured in their experiences. Or the celebrities can look to launch their own. 

  • Imagine having the power to control an interactive music video, allowing the experience to become uniquely yours. With every decision you make, the video adapts and transforms, offering a personalized journey that reflects your tastes and preferences, making each viewing a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Imagine your favorite pop star stepping into your bedroom for an exclusive listening party or live performance—all through the magic of AR. This immersive experience brings the artist directly to you in a completely unique way.

If you’re interested in accessing or joining our roster of Creator Genies to elevate your identity and vision in an efficient yet hyper-engaging way, please submit through our interest form on our website.