Genies Avatar Framework

Genies Avatar Framework

Nov 21, 2023

A Look Into Genies’ Future Through Our R&D Lens 

The central goal of Genies Party, our avatar social network coming next year, is to allow for interoperability both from a behavioral and visual perspective. We aim to crowdsource a near infinite amount of diverse experiences that automatically work together. 

Our Traits Framework allows for interoperable behavior, while our Avatar Framework that we detail below enables visual interoperability for the purpose of this diverse ecosystem of experiences. 

In other words, how you look and how you think should be interoperable, just like how one moves through various experiences in the physical world taking themselves and their belongings with them. Our two core frameworks, Traits and Avatars, allow for this to happen. 

Our Avatar Framework

We’ve become synonymous with creating avatars that are not just visually appealing but deeply personalized. Our avatars stand out with their expressive faces, customizable body shapes, and an extensive range of fashion choices, all powered by user creativity. When you combine all of these factors, you get the most robust and appealing avatar on the market.

The real magic, however, lies not just in what you see but what powers these avatars – the Genies Avatar Framework. This allows us to crowdsource all kinds of avatar style and aesthetic for our ecosystem of experiences, not just the classic Genies avatars you probably have seen already. If we didn’t have this framework, we would be limited to the amount of experiences available or we would have to build everything ourselves. We want to avoid limiting creativity and who can contribute. We want everyone, all types of styles and aesthetics, to be able to create an experience using avatars they like. 

Beyond Avatars: A Technology Powerhouse

Ironically, we don’t see ourselves as merely an avatar company focused on a single avatar style. We view ourselves as an avatar technology company. The magic of Genies is the underlying technology that powers the avatar and gives it utility. If you could look under the hood, you would see that the same technology that powers our current avatar can power a wide variety of avatars. Great things take time – it has taken us years to build this technology that we view as a prerequisite for an AI-powered, augmented reality of the future. 

Empowering Your Creativity

While The Workshop and Developer Kit are already available for those interested, next year, we’re turning this even more powerful technology over to you! We will make our avatar framework accessible so anyone can easily upload their own characters, clothing, and items into our ecosystem. We’ve always believed that the best avatar for a user is whatever they want it to be – providing access to our avatar framework unlocks this ability. If you want to be a bear, be a bear. If you want to be a robot with swim trunks, do it. If you want to be a cloud playing the guitar, more power to you. This is our step towards democratizing avatar creation, making “anything you want to be” a reality. We can’t wait to see people’s creativity at play when they get control to make their avatar whatever they want it to be.

Limitless Compatibility and Customization

The synergy between avatars, clothing, and items in our ecosystem is seamless. Imagine dressing a bear, a cloud, or a robot in the same stylish attire, all compatible with our animations. Our vision of ‘everything works with everything’ offers endless customization, bringing you the ultimate creative freedom.

A Persistent Digital Identity Across Experiences

The functionality of our framework doesn’t stop there. We’ve built our technology so that our avatar and wardrobe can be used across any experience that developers build with our devkit. This means you get to take the same avatar, the same clothing, the same items with you everywhere you go – your avatar is persistent (just like your identity is in the real world). This persistence will hold across new mediums like AR/VR as well. We’ve even built technology that adjusts the art style of your avatar to match the style of each experience, creating a more cohesive experience! Your avatar can live in 2D worlds, 3D worlds, AR/VR, and everything in between.

The Future is Yours to Create

We eagerly anticipate the wave of creativity that will be unleashed when these tools hit the market. Your unique avatars, outfits, items, and more are what will drive the next era of digital expression. Genies is here not just to create avatars but to revolutionize how we all express and identify ourselves in the digital realm through the technology we build and provide you. 

What’s The Best Way To Build With Us In The Future With Everything Mentioned Above? Build With Us Now

Today, you can already create digital fashion for our crowdsourced avatar creator through The Workshop, and if you are a developer you can apply for our beta Dev Kit, giving you access to leverage our avatar framework to build your own experience for Genies Party